Methods To Reduce Food Waste In Hospitality Venue
Food wastage is a serious problem in many countries, including Australia. This is why many Indian Restaurant in Quakers Hill should take immediate measures to get rid of such issues that have been prevailing for quite a long period of time. 

What Is Food Waste?

Food wastage is basically when people discard or do not consume good-quality food. Food waste can happen at any stage, including production, processing, distribution, and also consumption. Some examples of food waste include plate waste which is prepared food left uneaten and kitchen leftovers that have moved past their expiry date, They have the position to make a real difference in the real world with small yet practical steps that will help reduce food wastage.

Restaurants that serve Indo Chinese Food In Quakers Hill can start with small approaches to dramatically cut down the impact of food waste by tweaking the ways to organize such structure.

 Methods To Approach The Reduction Of Food Wastage

  • There is no harm in using “ugly” fruits or vegetable

People often ignore the fruits and vegetables, which you can dub as imperfect or 2nd. Those fruits or vegetables do not by means highlight that they are bad or less fresh. They come from the same fresh batch as the other perfect-looking fruits and vegetables. Hence it will taste the same as the others.

Purchasing such an imperfect product for your menu might be the best option for you. You will not only reduce the food wastage that happens because of such silly reasons, but it will also help in saving some money as such items tend to be less pricey. 

  • Repurpose the normally wasted

There are times when food wastage is inevitable. No matter how extreme the level you go to, make sure that there is none.

For example, for every glass of orange juice squeezed, you will see a box full of pulp. For every wedge of unforgivable pineapple that you find in the pizza, you will see a chopping board that is littered with woody husks.

For an untrained eye, people would think of them as a wastage, something that you can not use further. But if you shift your perspective a little more, it might make it easy for you to search for some extra goodness that you can squeeze from it. 

  • How to reinvent fruit skin and pulp

Let us now move towards the right way to use such pulp for further use to eliminate the food waste to the maximum level. All that you have to do is dump all the leftover skins into a bowl of water with a lot of sugar in it so that your dentist would have a heart attack. After that, boil it down and later strain it. With such a simple technique with no extra money, you have got yourself a homemade cordial. 

Final Comments

Shriji Indian Restaurant believes in using the product to its potential and eliminating food wastage as much as possible.