Indian Veg Thali

Indian Veg Thali – A Plate Filled With Flavors

Indian food is one of the cuisines filled with enough nutrition to fulfill your hunger pangs. No matter which food you try out from the Indian food menu, it will only make your taste buds go crazy. Indian Veg Thali In Quakers Hill is one of the most exciting options for food lovers. Those who have tried it know how amazing it takes the food lover to the food heaven.

If you have been missing out on Indian Veg Thali, then you are simply missing out on delightful meals in your life. Shreeji Indian Restaurant Veg thali is a must-try out when you don’t know what to have for lunch. It’s the combination of more than one food item. Our veg thali is created after considering the food preference of the customers who visit us from Quakers Hill and around the area.

A well-balanced meal: Vegetarian Indian Food

Indian Food in Quakers Hill is the perfect definition of toothsome, fresh, and aromatic meals. Not just the Indians, even Australians drool over Indian food. Aside from veg thali, our Indian restaurant food menu in Quakers Hill has various food options to cater to your food demand.

Indian starters

Before ordering veg thali, if you want something light and excite your taste buds, you can never go wrong with Indian starters. Some of the elevating food options are:

  • Paneer tikka
  • Onion pakora
  • Chinese sizzler
  • Jalapenos Popper
  • Aloo Tikki

Never go wrong with Indian curries

Indian curries are another delightful category of Indian food known for their variety and fantastic taste. Some of the most loved Indian curry options are:

  • Paneer toofani
  • Paneer bhurji
  • Malai kofta
  • Mushroom Matar
  • Shahi paneer
  • Navratan korma

Shriji chaat corner: Especially for foodies

Indian chaats are ‘LOVE’! A variety of Indian chaat is available from different parts of India. Golgappa is a sweet & savory street food known as Puchka, panipuri, Gupshup, and whatnot! Apart from golgappa, there’s much more in our chaat corner like:

  • Sev puri
  • Bombay bhel
  • Samosa chaat
  • Aloo Tikki Chaat
  • Dahi Bhalla
Indian desserts to make you drool

Indian desserts have surpassed the expectation of sweets. Moreover, without having Indian sweets, the meal is not complete. At Shriji Indian Restaurant, you can have Pista kulfi and Kesar kulfi. The magic of kulfi is perfect for making your sweet cravings fulfilled by all means.

Please make the most of our takeaway service

Do you have guests coming over? place your order and take away the order to enjoy it at your home with your loved ones. Every Indian food option on our menu perfectly depicts the taste of authentic Indian meals. Most importantly, it lets you closely taste the goodness of Indian food with every bite.