North And South Indian Food
Indian food has a lot of flavors that you can not box into one category. If you have ever tried Indian food, you will be well aware of the plethora of cuisine and the unique taste that it gives.

This blog will talk about the most basic classification of Indian cuisine, which is northern cuisine vs. southern cuisine.

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North Indian Cuisine Or South Indian Cuisine 

There are a lot of differences between north and south Indian cuisine. Yet it is connected with one simple yet essential factor, the love and respect for food and its heritage. No matter which cuisine you will incline towards more, the fact remains the same food describes love and its foundation that binds us all together.

North Indian Bread And South Indian Rice

We all love some good old naan bread, don’t we? It is a great thing to scoop up all the beautiful sauces in the curries. The chewy texture and the doughy consistency make it hard to mess up this beautiful dish. But did you know it originated from the northern region of the country? Naan or tandoori roti is a unique side dish that is very popular in the north part of India.

Whereas on the other hand, our southern region brought the beauty of rice to our plate. Rice is one of the staple side dish items found in the south area. It is well accompanied by some hot steamy stew-like sambar or rasam.

  • North Indian street food vs. south Indian street food

North Indian food is famous for providing some of the most delicious street food. At our restaurant, we try to incorporate some of the most loved street food items into our menu, including Pani puri, Dahi puri, papdi chaat, samosa chaat, aloo Tikki chaat, Dahi Bhalla, and many more. The flavor profile of all the signs differs so much from the other region that you must try it once from an Indian restaurant.

Whereas the southern region serves some of the most iconic items, known for its versatile nature. Dosa with chutney is the most common dish that the localities serve in the street. You can also try uttapam from the south Indian corner.

North And South Indian Food Similarity

We have talked about the differences between both cuisines. But now, we are delving into the similarities that they both captured beautifully.

Vegetarian food items are what connect them together. You can get Indian Veg Thali In Quakers Hill and try out some of the most delicious northern or southern food made with vegetarian ingredients.

Almost 78% of the Indian population is vegetarian, so it is pretty normal to have a dedicated spot for them in an Indian restaurant.