Indian cuisine varies so much that it is not easy to pinpoint one thing that might make it distinguish from others. There are varieties of curries that people love to eat and cook. That being said, to prepare an Indian curry, you would require a lot of insight into the ingredients in order to form a balanced meal with the right amount of spices.

Beginning with the fried onion, ginger-garlic, and then the addition of a liberal amount of spices in the dish before it is combined with the liquid mixture. The purpose of Indian cuisine is not just preparing a meal but creating a culinary art; each recipe holds meaning and heritage which can not be overlooked.

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The spices you add and prefer will decide the final flavor of the dish. Indian cooking is more about the technique and authenticity than the formula. You would be able to master the art of cooking Indian food in no time once you understand the concept of curry cooking. 

Steps To Make The Perfect Indian Curry


The first step is to free your hand and use a lot of spices. Do not compromise on the flavor department. You would not want it to taste lifeless or bland. The art relies on the blend of spices, so work on it as much as possible. It is not a source of flavors but texture too. You would be able to find herbs in any Indian department store in tiny packets. 

Step 2

The second step is to heat the oil till it is glistening. The choice of oil is totally your preference, but remember to not go overboard with it. Then add some aromatic spices or seeds in it like cumin, coriander, or mustard. Temper it till it starts to crunch. Add on more spices, and remember the mantra that Indian curries are heavily spices but also very creative, so do not hesitate to experiment with the spices mixtures 

  • Step 3

Now you add other ingredients to it to make the base of the curry, which is diced onion, and cook it till it is golden brown, along with the ginger-garlic paste.do not forget to season the food with salt as per your taste. A liberal amount of spices is a must while preparing Indian curries. Curries are spicy Indian food that must be cooked in its full glory to achieve that outcome. There are tons of spices like turmeric, cinnamon, curry powder, cayenne pepper, chili powder, cardamon, and many more. How long you are cooking all those spices is what matters in the end. 

Step 4

The last step is to add the vegetables, meat, or cheese in it based on your choices. The cooking process will stay until you cook the whole meal perfectly. Indian curries are complicated cuisines; it is not easy to perfect them in the 1st go; you would require a lot of practice for that.