Indian Curries
Indian food is incomplete without the entry of curry in the main course. You can not associate one without another. Indian cuisine has gained a lot of popularity because of its unique flavor profile, which was unmatchable, and nothing like that could be found anywhere else. The reason why people love Indian food and know about it was because of the introduction of curries in the international restaurant market.

So if you want to enjoy some gourmet and delicious Indian food, you can order it from South Indian Restaurant in Quakers Hill and enjoy the flavors of north and south both.

This blog will be listing down some of the best curries you can get from an Indian restaurant to make your job easier while you are at the takeaway counter. I would say try it all but begin from here. 

Types Of Indian Curries

  • Butter paneer

Let us begin with the O.G, the one dish in every person’s mouth whenever speaking about Indian cuisine. You can not miss out on this rich and velvety curry which has won many hearts. You can easily find it in any Takeaway Indian Restaurant in Quakers Hill with no hassle. One of the dishes that would win your heart for sure. A gate of heaven for those who wanted to try out something vegetarian. So do not miss out and order your food now. 

  • Kadai paneer

Another item that you should know about is the Kadai paneer. It is a spicy and delicious gravy that should be on your order list. Made with onion and capsicum and other spices that make it succulent, you would not be disappointed with its taste. 

  • Mushroom Matar

Do you like mushrooms? If yes, then this dish is precisely made for you, with spicy and creamy gravy prepared with tons of spices and other ingredients. Matar, which means peas, is the second essential item in this delicious curry. This will be a great new item to taste if you are tired of trying out the same old Indian menu list. Order it with some steamy rice or naan and enjoy the meal. 

  • Methi malai matar

It is one of the smoothest, most delicious, and most rich curry, which is made in gravy prepared with a bunch of ingredients, including peas, fenugreek, and cashews. Straight from the northern region, this dish is white in color and is packed with different flavors. It is an authentic dish that is a perfect blend of sweet, creamy, and bitter. 

  • Malai kofta

Kofta is a fried ball made of vegetables or paneer, and malai means cream. So, in short, it loosely translates to deep-fried balls smeared in creamy gravy. This dish is perfect to go with some garlic or butter naan. Malai kofta is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes that is liked by many.

I hope you will try out these different curries from an Indian restaurant next time you visit for a dine-out.