Indian Food

Indian food

Hearing the word Indian food brings happiness and joy to everyone’s faces. Indeed! The taste of Indian cuisine cannot be compared with any other cuisine available out there. Many things make Indian food stand apart from the rest. Most importantly, even in one Indian cuisine, you get to taste food from various areas. Here I am talking about trying the North and South Indian cuisine to delight your taste buds with every bite. So, when you visit the Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill, you will get to try a lot of different food options.

Have you not tried out the North and South Indian cuisine?

Worry not! This blog will help you better understand the difference b/w the 2.

North Indian Vs. South Indian Food

Below is the list of all the necessary differences to make you familiar with the way the food options are different from one another or how it stands out.

  • Naan Vs. Rice & beans

If you talk about the sides, these are a crucial part of Indian cuisine as a whole. So, be it North or South Indian cuisine, its addition to the meal is all-important. There’s naan bread for the North Indian cuisine that you can relish with curries and stew. The naan bread is baked at a high temperature in a tandoor.

Whereas with South Indian meals, the food is best paired with lentil side dishes, beans, or rice. Some of the best choices are raita, daal, or biryani.

  • Chicken & Lamb Vs. Vegetarian & Seafood

North Indian food is filled with various food options that have chicken and lamb in them. Whereas with South Indian food, there are options like vegetables, beans, and rice. All these are added to the meal to make every bite worth it.

  • Ghee Butter Vs. Indian Coconut milk

All the necessary cooking ingredients added into the dish are worth it to make the overall taste simply the best. When you have North Indian food, there is more use of ghee butter. Additionally, when ghee (Clarified butter) is cooked for a long time, it gets brown, leaving a nutty flavor. If you talk about South Indian food, there’s coconut milk added to the dish to make different food options like curries and kormas.

  • Tea Chai Vs. South Indian Chicory Coffee

If you talk about North Indian cuisine, you will find one of the most loved options always, i.e., chai. In the case of South Indian cuisine, there’s Indian chicory coffee which is different in taste. South Indian coffee is known for its roasted and ground chicory root, making it stand out.

Do you want to try out the Indian meal?

If you have an event coming up then you can even get your table booked in advance to enjoy the ultimate taste of North and South Indian Cuisine.