If you are a “foodie,” you might enjoy gorging on delicious food items worldwide. Expanding your knowledge about each food is not limited to the taste profile; you must find out its heritage and culture. To have the proper definition of the cuisine and what it represents.

One such cuisine that provokes such curiosity is Indian because of its diversified culture and beautiful heritage. There are many things to unfold each time you try out the dishes from the region.

Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill represents Indian food in such an elegant way that you would not be disappointed with them. Not only will you taste our beautiful culinary art but also learn about the traditions of Indian food and its recipes.

If you have never tried Indian food before or have not tried it enough but wanted to learn more about them, this is a perfect read.

Remember, the more you learn, the better your perception of the field you would have.

Today, we will talk about some basic terms that are often used in Indian food, which is not in English. The standard terms would help you depict the authentic flavors it would give the food items.

It could also help you while ordering food in an Indian restaurant but is not aware of its actual meaning.

Standard Terms Used In Indian Restaurant Menu

  • Aloo

Let us start with this primary term called aloo. It is an Indian word that is used for describing potatoes. Most often, it is used in many Indian dishes and is also named after it. For example, Aloo Tikki (it is like a potato pancake), aloo gobi ( an Indian dish made of potatoes and cauliflower), etc. So next time you also read in the menu, be ready to see beautifully cooked potatoes on your plate.

  • Biryani

Another term that is often seen in an Indian restaurant menu is biryani. It is generally a layered dish that is made of curry and rice along with so many spices and herbs that give this dish an aromatic flavor. It is delicious that is packed with thousands of elements.

  • Chana

This Hindi word is to describe chickpea; you often get chickpea in the main dish in the form of a curry name chana masala. But you can also see chana as an ingredient or tipping used in some of the Indian chaat (like papri chaat, aloo Tikki chaat)

  • Dal

Dal has split lentils that are dried. It is one of the staple food items found in India in all of the regions. Apart from that, it also has lots of nutritional value. Made in a stew-like consistency, this dish is soulful and exceptional in taste.

  • Garam masala

Did you know what gave Indian cuisine such an aromatic flavor? Well, today, we are going to open up the secret. Garma masala is the key ingredient or spice used in every household to give the dish the best layer—consisting of different spices like cumin, cardamom, coriander, black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Final Comments