Indian food is extensive with its ingredients and spices, but there is also an abundance of techniques and processes in Authentic Indian cooking that other cultures could not easily copy.

Each technique brings us a pack of flavors from the dishes, which could not be attained if cooked otherwise. Thus maintaining the authentic cooking styles and presenting the guest with the same method would make them fall in love with the extensive dishes and their delicious taste.

One such technique that comes to my mind is tandoor. This equipment is used for making bread and meats in India, the middle east, and other central and south Asia.

What Is Tandoor?

Tandoor is an oven clay that is shaped differently according to to its uses and region. A common Punjabi tandoor is in the shape of a cylinder heated with the help of charcoal and wood fire. It was originated in middle east Asia but was popularised in India by the Mughal Emperor during their reign. The cooking method is not an easy task; it needs years of mastery and skill to attain perfection. Apart from the expertise, the person must also have a lot of patience to bear the pain and heat from the tandoor while cooking bread and meat in it.

It generally made a good foundation in the northern region of India. Thus, most of their famous dishes are prepared in the tandoor to give them the smokey and charred flavor that could not be gained if cooked in conventional ovens or gas.

Some Delicious Delicacies Made In Tandoor

Here is a list of items made in the tandoor that leave behind such taste, which is unremarkable. Some of your favorite meals are prepared extensively so that you would also appreciate the process from next time.

  • Naan: when we talk about tandoor, you could not at all leave behind the delicious chewy and doughy flatbread that has become everyone’s favorite. Next time you visit an Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill, do not forget to order some of this heavenly delicious naan to go with your choice of Indian curry.
  • Tandoori chicken: a world-famous chicken entre that is not only packed with a different and smokey flavor but also categorized as a healthy snack item. These juicy and tender meat pieces are served well in some chutneys and raw onion to go along with.
  • Kulcha: have you ever tried kulcha? If not, you must! It is a local favorite of Punjab where the bread is stuffed with different fillings, including spiced potatoes, paneer, onion, and many others. It is a flakey delight served hot with some chutneys and chickpeas gravy.
  • Kebab: you can see this dish in every dhabas (local Indian restaurant) and high-end restaurant. High-quality meat being infused in so many spices is then cooked in the tandoor at a particular degree to serve the juicy meat.

Final Comments