Are you looking for something to delight your morning taste buds? No doubt, being a foodie is all about finding options that are tasty, exciting, yet healthy. Do you have any such cuisine which can offer you a wide variety of Indian food options to make your taste buds dance to the tune of exciting food? Well, Hands down…Indian food is one of the options available out there, which is as exciting as seeing smiles on the faces of your loved ones. Considering the same reason, the demand for an Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill is increasing fast as everyone wishes to try out Indian food.

No doubt, they might wish to try the food once. Although, when they have it, they have difficulty resisting it. It’s because their taste buds cannot control them. So, if you are looking for something exciting for your breakfast, then the Indian restaurant food menu has various options.

Breakfast options available in the Indian food menu

  • Besan Cheela

Besan Cheela is one of the most loved breakfast options in North India. It’s light, yet still, it’s tasty. It is made using gram flour, and several spices are added to make it toothsome. The cheela is like an Indian bread, and the further preparation is done with semolina. If you are extra health-conscious, add in oats, which will make it have the necessary nutrient level and be gluten-free.

  • Upma

Upma is one of the other loved food options on the South Indian breakfast menu. Upma is filled with all the necessary nutrients as you get to add the veggies. If you want to make it at home, then you need just 20 minutes. Being the first day of the meal, it’s a perfect choice if you want it to be nutritious yet straightforward. Moreover, there are many options available in upma, and you can try out the one which you like.

  • Uttapam

Another option available in the South Indian food menu is Uttapam. This is kind of like a cheela. It’s like a crepe but slightly thicker than that. On the top, various vegetables are added to make it all tasty and healthy. There is a variety of Uttapam like onion uttapam, chilly cheese uttapam, and mixed veg uttapam.

  • Bun Sandwich

Bun sandwiches are one of the easy-peezy options. The regular sandwich blend is needed to make this, and in-between the buns, it’s added. It’s one of the delightful yet healthy options as the combination can have several vegetables in it.

Indian food is filled with surprises

Be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner; the Indian food menu has everything for you. Shriji is one place where you can find the ultimate Indian food options from every corner of India.