Just the way Mickey smiles ear to ear when he sees Minnie. Similarly, do you have a cuisine that makes you smile like that? Indeed! Everyone has their list of favourites. Now, as Valentine’s day is approaching…Are you making plans to surprise your partner? Or Are you planning to take them out for dinner or just for a casual evening?

Whether you want to keep it simple or want to go all out, food is one of the essential parts of the entire process. Now, as Valentine’s Day is approaching, why don’t you curate a list of food options that are perfect examples of that romantic touch. If you are planning to visit the Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill, then here are some of the most loved Indian food options to give a tryout.

Indian food options to try out the coming Valentine’s Day

  • Paneer Tikka

Kickstart the date with the perfect starter: Paneer Tikka. If you like cheese (paneer), it’s the ultimate choice to consider adding to the date night menu. Paneer Tikka is an emotion for the people in India, especially in North India, that they cannot miss out on this amazing delicacy. As it is grilled in tandoor, it gives it that smoky texture and flavor, making the taste go to the next level. Additionally, the spiced yogurt added gives a creamy texture worth every bite.

  • Jalapenos Poppers

Bite-sized crispy treat: Jalapenos Poppers. Another great choice is you would like to have something crispy, spicy, and cheesy. The perfect balance of everything simply makes the taste go to the next level.

  • Dal Makhani

Modern-Take on classic take on Indian food options: Dal Makhani. Dal Makhani is another excellent choice from the Indian restaurant food menu. It’s a modern version of Urad Dal, one of the favorite options among individuals to try out.

  • Dal Tadka

Simple yet filled with flavors: Dal Tadka. Dal means lentils, and tadka refers to tempering, making a great choice. Tadka is added over the dal to make it wholesome in all ways. Additionally, the perfect blend of spices takes it to a whole other level.

  • Pani puri

Romanticize the day with Pani puri or puchka. One of the most famous street foods is difficult for anyone and everyone to resist. The sweet and spicy water, along with mashed potatoes and raw onions, will melt in the mouth. What’s better than taking turns and serving each other pani puri? Perfect site to romanticize your date.

  • South Indian food

Royal treat for royal day: South Indian food. Every food option present in the South Indian menu is one of a kind. You can have plain dosa, masala dosa, paneer masala dosa, jini dosa, rawa dosa plain or masala, chinese dosa, onion uttapam, mysore masala dosa, and much more.

So, what’s the wait?