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Sharing is indeed caring. Food is one thing which is shared and enjoyed every possible bit. Whether you wish to have something trendy or mouth-watering, there are endless options available for you. To satiate your taste buds, make sure to try out the Indian food. Visiting one of the best Indian restaurants in Quakers Hill is a different experience because every dish has something different. This is true; it’s all about enjoying the festival of flavors when Indian cuisine is opted for. I have mentioned the list of all those fantastic food options worth trying out in this blog.

Shriji Special: Indian food options which are worth every bite

  • Samosa

Have you ever tried out the triangular-shaped pastry? This food option is known as Samosa. It has potato and vegetable filling & a blend of different spices. Samosa comes under the snack category, perfect for relish during the day, evening, or night. On your next visit to the Indian restaurant, try out this food option.

  • Vegetarian aloo cheese Frankie

Vegetarian aloo cheese Frankie is another excellent choice to have. It is a kind of a wrap and inside of the same contains aloo and cheese. Indeed! It is one of the most mouth-watering food options.

  • Paneer veg Frankie

If you don’t try out something with potato, try out the paneer veg Frankie. Paneer (Cheese) is either cut or mashed into the Frankie, and different herbs are added to make it toothsome.

  • Bombay style vada pav

Are you fascinated by Mumbai Nagri? Even sitting in Quakers Hill, you can have tasty food from Mumbai. Vada Pav is one of the most famous Mumbai street foods, which has slowly started to gain attention worldwide. You deserve a break from your routine food.

  • Dabeli

Dabeli is one of the most popular snacks from Gujarat. Dabeli means pressed, and it is made by pressing two rotis. It has a filling of potato, pomegranate, peanut, & butter. The double roti is the pav.

  • Cheese dabeli

Are you a cheese lover? Then try out the cheese dabeli option to delight your taste buds with every bit. It’s just like having a cheesy fun which is excellent for delighting the taste buds.

  • Mix veg pakora

Have you ever tried out fritters? In Indian cuisine, you can try out the Pakoras. Shriji has their unique mix veg pakora, which is excellent in terms of taste & flavors. Different vegetables are added into the same at once & then fried. The mixed veg pakora is perfect to have as an option for evening snacks or during tea time. Most Indians love to have it during the rainy season.

  • Bombay Pav Bhaji

Another great choice is pav bhaji. Bhaji is a mix of different mashed vegetables, and it has tomatoes and the best Indian spices. This bhaji is relished with the pav, which is delightful, and in combination, it makes this dish toothsome.

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