Tantalize Your Tastebuds By Devouring The Authentic Indian Dishes

When we talk about Indian food, we generalize it with its authenticity. After all, where else would you get such a traditional meal?

This is why we have made a list for you about must-try Indian traditional food that could enchant you with its specialties. So be ready to tantalize your taste buds.

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Traditional Indian Dish That Is MUST-TRY

  1. Masala Dosa: straight from the heart of the southern region, this dish has gained immense popularity as a staple breakfast all over the kitchen of India as well as Australia. Dosa is basically Indian pancakes that are savory, made with fermented lentils and rice batter. It is a crispy and savory delight, that you can get addicted to too fast. Served hot with sambhar (a vegetable stew made with tamarind water) and coconut chutney. Masala dosa is a variant of plain dosa, wherein the dosa is like a crepe stuffed with a filling of mashed potatoes that are infused with spices.
  1. Chaat: it is an umbrella term for many snacks or street food items, but originally it signifies a combination of crispy bread, sliced potatoes, and chickpeas, with the toppings of tamarind sauce, yogurt, green chutney, fresh coriander leaves, and dried gingers. Chaat is a burst of different flavors at once which compliments each other very well.
  1. Dal Makhani: a creamy lentils soup, that is in the heart of many Indian people, served mostly on special occasions like weddings this dish is everyone’s favorite. The word “Dal” means lentils and “Makhni” means buttery. It is a staple dish in the northern region of India and has gained so much popularity internationally.
  1. Vada Pav: Maharastra’s favorite street food, vada pav is an Indian “DESI” Burger. Vada is vegetarian food that is made from mashed potatoes infused with some spices which are dipped in a batter. the potato dumpling is filled in the soft bun (pav) and served with spicy and minty chutney as well as some green chilies to spice it up.
  1. Paratha With Stuffing: a staple breakfast item for the champions, originated from the state of Punjab. It is a flatbread that is made of atta (a dough made from whole wheat grain). It is stuffed with different fillings including potatoes, paneer, cauliflower and so many more. Served hot with some yogurt and butter you are good to start your day with a hearty dish.
  1. Barfi: let us give this list a sweet ending with barfi, a sweet dish that has many variants, barfi is basically an umbrella term for many sweet items that are made of khoya (dried evaporated milk solids). It is a decadent and aromatic sweet that would make your heart sing. These sweets are also served as an offering for good luck.

Final Comments