India is known for its rich culinary values whether you talk about the traditions or food, it can be noticed in everything. Moreover, different Indian dishes are worth trying out. The love for the Indian meal can be noticed through the increasing demand around the world.

The Indian food has that special flavor to it that is not seen with any other cuisine. The way Indian cuisine satiates the taste buds it’s not possible to experience any other thing. It’s like the combination of 4 different regions: North, South, East & West which are perfect in every sense. Have you seen any other cuisine where you can get to try out food from 4 different regions altogether? If you want to try out the Indian meal then make sure to look for one of the best Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill & have the best meal of your life.

One such part of an Indian meal is Indian Curry. It’s the mixture of different spices, herbs, vegetables, & much more which are enough to make you drool over the meal every single time. If you want to try something different then here are some of the best Indian curry options which you should relish upon.

Indian curries which are worth every bite

  • Chicken curry

If you love to have non-vegetarian meals then do give the chicken curry a try. This can be made with chicken thighs or breasts. Afterward, these are cut into small pieces. It includes onion, ginger, and minced garlic along with oil, curry powder & different spices are added so that it can have that perfect aroma. Additionally, there are fresh herbs, yogurt, & lemon which taste one step further.

  • Aloo curry

Aloo curry is another great choice that contains medium-sized potatoes. The curry has red chili powder, turmeric powder, cumin, & salt. Its curry is slightly on a thicker side and can be enjoyed with roti or rice.

  • Rajma

Rajma is another great choice you should try out. Rajma is made with kidney beans and the curry has chopped onions, tomatoes, and a blend of different spices to make it worthwhile in every bite. Additionally, masalas are added to the rajma curry which makes it even more delectable.

  • Paneer Gravy

Paneer Gravy is another great choice that is great in terms of having a tasty dinner. It’s one of those full-fledged meals. It even has different spices which are enough to make it delectable. The paneer is diced into small cubes which makes it best to have it.

Are you drooling?

Moreover, you cannot miss out on anything because each Indian meal is tasty, delectable & healthy to have. Especially those who are trying Indian food for the first time should choose the option as to what seems to delight their taste buds.

Have the best time with Indian food!