Rise Of Indian Street Food In Restaurants

Indians are very famous for their spicy and “masaledar” food items, that is why Indians have a special place not only on their plate but also in their heart for street food.

The growth of Indian street food is not only limited to India. It has gradually made its way up to the Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill.

You can see various food items that have been gaining popularity worldwide. And we are not talking about conventional meals. The talk of the town is the food items that are known as street food but is being sold in the restaurants.

Restaurants And Their Love For Street Food

It is an emerging concept that is taking a stand. Restaurants now are trying to infuse street food items into their menu to attract customers with their bite-size delicacies. People in Australia are unable to get a hold of authentic Indian street food but they can easily now quench their hunger for it in restaurants.

Indians And Their Street Food

Everybody loves scrumptious, spicy and saucy items that they can indulge easily. Indian street food can satisfy your soul with some great items that are exceptional and the best part is that every different region is known for their own popular Street food item. Each state presents an item that brings all the flavour in a balance.

Most Common Items That Are Detectable In The Restaurants Menu

Restaurants are now adding items that come straight from the street of India to the plates of the Australian:

  • Samosa: the 1st item that has always been on the menu globally is the samosa. Nothing can be more perfect than this, a combination of spicy and creamy and crispy all at once. It is basically a pastry or pocket which is filled with classic mashed potatoes that are infused with different spices, add on some peas and you are good to go.
  • Vada Pav: originated from the street of Maharashtra, vada is made from a fried dumpling of potatoes that are infused in different spices and placed in the pav that is the bun. This snack is easy to go and eat an item that is packed with so many flavours. Also do not forget to ask for extra chillis to go with it.
  • Dabeli: it is a sweet item that is made from boiled potatoes that are mixed well with some Dabeli special masalas. Served with sweet and tangy tamarind chutney and garnished with some fresh pomegranate and roasted peanuts.
  • Chole Bhature: originated from northern India, chole is a curry made from chickpeas and spices and is served with bhature which is a soft doughy bread that goes so well together.

Do Not Forget Your Chutneys!

A Tip For You: Whenever you are indulging in some Indian street food, do not forget to ask for extra chutneys, they pack a lot of flavours and also take the dish to the next level.