Comparing two or more different cuisine always leave us with a lot of information and knowledge about them. It not only generates excitement over the topic but also intrigues the reader and the writers to gain more valuable points about both cultures.

Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill is a great representation of introducing a cuisine to Australians that are not so familiar with Indian cuisine.

Exploring cultures and their importance

Not everyone has an interest in learning about other culture and their heritage, but those who are, know very well the best way to learn about the culture is through their food. It tells a lot about the kind of history a place had. Its tradition and authenticity are also easily judged by it.

The difference in food culture

When you are comparing two different countries and their food you would see how drastically different the food habits are of the respective people. It also gives you a piece of adequate knowledge about what kind of things are popular and traditional in the respective states. That being said always keep in mind to be gracious about every cuisine and its heritage as it speaks about the place it originates from.

Difference of food in Australia and India

Now you would see the cultural difference that is shocking unique from each other yet so beautiful that you can not miss enjoying both the part.

Let us begin from the start of the day that is breakfast.

Australia and its vegemite:  if you are Australian you would very well know about vegemite, and its popularity, it is a staple in Australia for breakfast. Spread it in the toast with some butter and jam and you are good to go. It is a delicious treat whose prime ingredient is yeast.

India and its love for poha: just like the Aussies, Indian to have staple item for breakfast that is so light and tasty that you would never miss your breakfast ever again. Poha is flattened rice that is cooked with different spices and vegetables like onion, tomatoes, and coriander.

Choose your beverage to quench your thirst

Milo For Australia: it is one of the most iconic drinks in Australia, and the best part is you can drink it either hot or cold, it is your preference. Let me spill a secret for you though the package has said to only use on the tablespoon, you do need to add on multiple scoops.

Can not beat the Indian and their chai: no matter what is the weather of the country is, you can not say no to Chai(tea), it is not only a beverage but an emotion for the people in India. It is a comforting drink for many and is also enjoyed with some fritters in the monsoon.

Love for food