The OZ is one of those places where the love affair with Indian food is reaching great heights. As time passes by Australians are getting more fascinated with the Indian food options and it’s actually like their ‘Favourite cuisine’. Back in the 1960s, the Aussies began their exploring journey to Australia and since then there is no going back. So, to have that flavorful meal of your life make sure to visit one of the top-rated Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill.

Australians have their ‘List of favourite’ Indian food options

Delectable starters

The Indian food menu has delectable starter food options which are worth every bite. There are other options like paneer tikka, chili pakora, onion pakoda, Chinese sizzler, aloo Tikki, gobi 65, and much more.

Daal options that make everyone drool

There are many varieties of dal which you can get from Indian restaurants. Daal is made of all the varieties of pulses that are filled with nutrients. Some of the best-known options are dal makhani, dal tadka, and dal butter fry. Each one of the options is different from one another.

Curry wave

Before I proceed with the variety of curry options available in the Indian restaurant menu, I would like to tell you that Indian cuisine is not just about curry. Moreover, every food option has a different curry base. Some of the best curry options are mentioned below:

  • Paneer tikka masala
  • Kadai paneer
  • Paneer Tofani
  • Paneer butter masala
  • Kaju curry
  • Palak paneer
  • Paneer bhurji
  • Palak paneer
  • Malai kofta
  • Mushroom Matar
  • Shahi Paneer
  • Veg kolhapuri

Biryani: Tasty & Boney meal

Biryani is another kind of emotion and it is extremely famous among Australians. There are different sorts of Biryanis which you can try out like the steam basmati rice, jeera rice, veg dum biryani, paneer Tawa pulao, paneer biryani, veg biryani, Bombay style Tawa pulao, and mushroom biryani.

Veg samosa filled with surprise

Veg samosa is an option in terms of evening snacks. Moreover, this option is highly preferred during the rainy season. Many people even like to have it during breakfast. Moreover, it’s not just a vegetarian option but some restaurants even sell non-vegetarian options. So, depending on what you prefer you can have that one.

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