Are you hosting a last-minute New Year’s Party? From all the responsibilities, you are most stressed about the food. To keep the guests entertained you have everything at the place but are worried about what to feed them which is tasty, delectable, and fresh. You know there is one cuisine which has everything in it and there are even some of the best varieties to try out. Do you know, ‘What I am talking about?’ Well! It’s an Indian meal. There is everything unique and different in it. The top-rated Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill has everything to fulfill all your and guest food cravings. Moreover, it’s not just about the main course but it’s the 4-course meal which makes wonders. Depending on how many guests will arrive at your place you can order food and make the time as tasty & delectable as you want it to be.

4-Course Indian Meal Worth Every Bite

  • Refreshing drinks

Indian drinks are as refreshing and tasty as you want them to be. It’s worth considering spice up the entire meal. Depending on what seems to make your taste buds go all crazy, you can look at the restaurant menu. Well! It’s totally up to you which sort of meal you would like to have at the party and depending on what your guest prefers. Some of the best options are mango lassi, buttermilk, filter coffee, and masala tea.

  • Tasty and light appetizers

Appetizers are available in abundance and depending on which seems to delight the taste buds you can have it. There are some of the best options in terms of starters like chili pakora, Hara bhara cutlet, onion pakoda, gobi 65, Chinese sizzler, paneer tikka, aloo Tikki, jalapenos poppers, and much more. If you are in doubt about how much to order then better tell the Indian restaurant how many guests are there.

  • Healthy and nutritious main course

Don’t you think it’s even better when you serve the customers with a refreshing yet nutritious meal? Indian cuisine is something which has that in abundance. No matter which option you would like to have, the meal is complete in all ways. You can opt for a veg thali which has a variety of food options in it. Some of the food options to order are chana masala, aloo gobhi masala, bhindi masala, dal makhani, dal tadka, dal butter fry, and even have different options of rice & biryani. Along with the same, you can have any sort of Indian bread or naan to make it a wholesome meal altogether.

  • Desserts

Indians and their love for dessert is something else. The winter weather and having a warm or hot dessert is best. There are different options available in the Indian dessert menu like pista kulfi, Kesar kulfi, and much more. If you would like to experiment a little bit and make your Australian friends try something new then have the Gajar ka halwa, gulab jamun, and another sort of Indian dessert.

So, what have you selected to order?