It would not be a surprise if somebody told you that Indians celebrate Christmas with equal energy and fun, after all with its diversity, there are different people with different beliefs.

More than the diversity, the acceptance of different cultures in India is something that has always brought people together, and one of the main things that act as the glue is food.

Indian restaurant in Quakers Hill tries to join the culture by serving you dishes that represent the taste of love and care.

Christmas and winter!

The Christmas season occurs in the winter, which brings a chance for food lovers to indulge in a cuisine that warms the body and the soul. It is the best time to order rich and your favourite vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes such as duck curry which is very famous among the locals of Goa, a state in India.

Indian Restaurant And Christmas Menu!

Christmas is an international festival celebrated by all whole around the world, the feel of this holiday season is exceptionally different for many, it is followed by New Year, which also brings the hope of a new beginning hence a new environment is created.

  • Christmas Turkey: No Christmas is completed without the turkey, try to add this menu and bring the authentic vibe for Christmas. A most popular dish around the world, turkey is cooked differently according to their ancestor’s recipes. For example, roast turkey is very popular in the European region.
  • Rum Cake: baking and Christmas should be synonyms, the amount of baking done this season is extreme. With guests arriving on our doorstep, making cookies and cakes every time can be very hectic especially if you add the decoration of the house along with entertaining the guest. Adding rum cakes to your menu will not only help many but also those who are dining in can enjoy this delicious cake with their family.
  • Pork Vindaloo: a traditional Indian dish, made and originated in the southern region of India, is a local favourite. Very famous in the state of Goa and Kerala, this dish is extremely rich in flavour, with its thick and spicy gravy and pork marinated in different local “masala”  and vinegar and goes well with basmati rice. You can substitute the pork with any other meat like chicken, beef or lamb.
  • Nargis Kofta: One of the most flavourful gravy which is rich in taste, Nargis  Kofta is a dish prepared with meatballs that is booth frilled and skewered to bring that different taste. Some hotels also add whole in the meatballs to make it richer in taste. Cooked in the gravy made with ginger and garlic, tomato, onions and spices it is a favourite to serve on Christmas eve.

Order Happiness This Christmas With Food!

There are drool-worthy Indian dishes that are both rich in taste and culture that would surely evoke hunger inside you.